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Welcome to the homepage of Updales Dorper Sheep Stud. We are situated at a beautiful spot called Angas Valley, which is on the edge of the Adelaide Hills, about 1 hour from the centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. Our Dorper stud was begun in 2004, with the purchase of ewes and lambs from Springvale Dorper Stud in NSW. We have since added to our original flock with selected genetics from some of the best studs in Australia including Kaya & Douwana studs in WA, and Whynot stud in NSW. Our registered stud number with the DSSA is D202.

Our stud philosophy is to breed low maintenance, highly fertile, fast growing animals. Each generation must be an improvement on the last - either in shedding, fertility, or meat/carcase qualities. Any ewe whose progeny are not an improvement on herself is culled. Our flock is regularly classed to the International Dorper typing system, and only type 4 & 5 ewes are retained. We may not be the biggest Dorper stud in South Australia but we pride ourselves on the high quality of the animals we own and produce.

We are firm believers that Dorpers MUST perform in tough conditions, and not require huge amounts of extra feeding to maintain condition & fertility. Average pastures should be adequate to keep Dorper ewes in condition high enough to lamb every 8 months, more often in better years. Our sheep are run on the native pastures that grow in a 200mm rainfall district. We only ever hand feed to prevent soil erosion in late summer, and then only in a drought year. Otherwise the sheep are left to manage themselves on saltbush, bluebush, barley grass, and the various 'weed' species that grow out here. Any ewe that does not produce a lamb every year or maintain her body condition is dropped from the flock. Any lamb born that does not 'get up and grow' is culled. Fertility and growth is the "be all and end all".

All the bloodlines in our stud are very carefully selected to produce the kind of animals both ourselves, and our clients, want to see in our paddocks. We only sell animals that we would be happy to keep and use ourselves. In the past few years almost all our ram lambs have worked within our commercial flock before being offered for sale. Any that do not stand up to the work are butchered, not sold.

In the past we have occasionally added new genetics to our stud, but only after giving great consideration as to how these new bloodlines will complement the animals we already have. Over a decade of breeding has shown us what style of sheep produces well for us, and it is these that we stick to. By bringing in new bloodlines we are able to produce new rams for existing clients. This gives our daughter studs as well as our commercial clients the chance to use the same sire lines we are using within our own stud flock. However after 12 years now of careful growth and maintenance of different stud families, our gates are finally closed. There should be no need to bring in new genetics, thereby increasing our biosecurity levels and keeping out pests and weed problems.

We are very proud of our sheep and are more than willing to show them to anyone who is passing through the Adelaide area. Please contact us to set up a time to come and visit, you would be more than welcome!

If you are not visiting our region anytime soon we are happy to help out with any Dorper related queries you may have. Feel free to drop us a line at the email address below or give us a call and we will do our utmost to help you with any information you need about the fascinating world of the Dorper.


We welcome visitors to our sheep stud at any mutually convenient time throughout the year

(Please note due to Biosecurity & general security reasons we cannot open our chicken areas to visitors, sorry.) 


If you would like to go on a mailing list for news, send your details to:  updales1@gmail.com

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April 2006 lambs

The dear ewe in this, our signature picture, was registered as Springvale 10040. Paddock name "Gran". This was almost her last set of twins for us, born 3/3/06. Since then she produced another 8 lambs over 6 years, and could well be pregnant again at time of writing (Feb 2010).***She was - produced twins 15/6/10!!!!!!*** We will be forever grateful for the start in Dorpers Gran gave us, she was the last surviving of our foundation ewes from Ivan Wilk's now defunct "Springvale" stud. She ended up with the name of Gran simply due to her age, when we brought her into SA she was already 8. 

On the 7/12/2010 in the middle of a wild stormy night (100mm of rain in 12 hours) Gran laid down and went to sleep. She will be sadly missed.

Her line continues strongly in the stud into 2015 with her granddaughter, 3 great-granddaughters, 2 great-great granddaughters and more all going strong.

She illustrates perfectly what Dorpers are all about - low maintenance, easy care, highly fertile animals that will turn pasture into profits with no fuss or bother.